The Magnetic Safety Feature

The MagBase system, originally designed and patented as the Megg-Net SuperBase by Riley Manufacturing, features a rubber moulded magnetic release fixture that is designed to hold the base securely in position while players are running over or pushing off of the base. However, a player sliding heavily into the base can create sufficient force to dislodge the base from the magnetic fixture, thereby absorbing the impact and drastically reducing the risk of serious injury. The break force can be varied for two junior levels and one adult level. This allows just one system to be used with all age/weight levels.


  • The MagBase system reduces risk of injury
  • Break Force can be varied for two junior levels and one adult level

  • Double Base available
  • Ultra durable, rubber molded single and double bases
  • Ribbed design reduces slipping
  • Simple drop-in style reduces maintenance and stoppage of play

Removable all rubber professional home plate:

  • Remove to groom plate area easier
  • Remove to prevent theft or vandalism
  • Comes with easy-to-install in-ground fixture, plug and cleaning tool

Removable, all rubber, pitcher’s plate:

  • Remove and reset for all your required pitching distances
  • Double socket post and receptacle for a solid installation
  • Save time and money

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