Riley Manufacturing is pleased to offer RinkDeck™, the world’s most technologically-advanced insulated ice floor cover. It is an ideal solution for converting spectator arenas into multi-purpose venues capable of hosting any dry floor event. By installing RinkDeck™ in your facility you will be able to convert to concerts, basketball, trade shows and special events quickly and efficiently.

How it Works

RinkDeck™ is a sheet product that is simply laid on the ice surface in a brick pattern. During the initial installation the radius corners are cut and marked to ensure that the RinkDeck™ will be properly fit time and time again. A standard 85’ x 200’ ice surface can be covered in approx. 1 hour using a crew of 8-10. Because of the non-porous, insulating properties of the RinkDeck™ it can be left on top of the ice for many days without fear of it sticking to the ice.

RinkDeck at Rock Center

Features & Benefits:

  • High quality and long lasting for arenas needing multiple and efficient changeovers
  • Advanced synthetic composite alternative to traditional wood or fibreboard ice covers
  • Available in 1” thick waffle or solid sheets
  • Available in 48” (1220mm) x 96” (2440mm) sheets or 60” (1524mm) x 96” sheets (2440mm) (solids only)
  • Lightweight easy to install/remove
  • 55 lb per panel (waffle)
  • Waffles help trap cold air and allow for 2.84 R value
  • Panels can be waffled or flat and cover the ice surface, creating a thermal, insulating barrier and flat protective base
  • Standard elephant skin texture surface or FASCOAT coated surface available
  • Waterproof and Non-porous – will not absorb liquids or stick to the ice, flake, crumble, warp, swell or curl
  • 1550 psi compression strength
  • 5 year limited warranty