Machine Hardware

Heavy Duty Adjustable Hinge 

  • adjustable to correct sagging
  • allows easy gate removal

Sliding Closure Bar 

  • 48” heavy duty bar

Cane Bolt Kit

  • secures machine gate in closed position

Heavy Duty Caster

  • 5” diameter swivel caster
  • heavy duty moving support for machine gates

Access and Player Gate Hardware

Latch Set 

  • includes latch bar, catch and latch bar housing
  • parts can be sold separately
  • also available with ice side release mechanism

Player/Access Gate Hinge  

  • versatile hinge for access and player gates
  • adjustable design allows for gap and alignment adjustments throughout the season
  • each side can be sold separately

Bench Supports 

  • bench floor mount available in different heights
  • permanent, removable and wall mountable
  • player, lobby and locker room bench supports available
  • plastic lumber bench cap also available