Machine Hardware

Heavy Duty Adjustable Hinge 

  • adjustable to correct sagging
  • allows easy gate removal

Sliding Closure Bar 

  • 48” heavy duty bar

Cane Bolt Kit

  • secures machine gate in closed position

Heavy Duty Caster

  • 5” diameter swivel caster
  • heavy duty moving support for machine gates

Access and Player Gate Hardware

Latch Set Includes latch, catch and gatekeeper.

Also available with ice side releaseSpring loaded push rod that connects to the man gate latchIce side release 

Self Lubricating Pin Hinge  

  • lift-out hinge for access and player gates
  • high density sleeve eliminates need for oil or grease
  • pin and socket also available separately

Bench Supports 

  • Bench Floor Mount available in different sizes
  • Permanent, removable and wall mountable
  • Available as an angles support
  • Aluminum bench caps also available